To book a session or for any inquiries about our classes please contact Donna at Hot Diggity Dogs! at 778-977-3641 or email

Training provided by:  Hot Diggity Dogs!

Puppy Socialization
For puppies ages 11 weeks to 20 weeks old. Second set of shots are required. The goal is to prevent unwanted behaviours such as jumping up, mouthing, digging, barking, biting and chewing.  We also create boundaries for acceptable behaviours by teaching basics like: go to a mat, sit, leave it, drop it and come.

 $150.00 for 6 classes. (Classes run 1 hour lengths)
Upcoming Schedule for Mr. Pet’s Tillicum  
Puppy classes are Saturdays from 11-noon year round with the exception of holiday weekends.

Basic Obedience
Dog training for dogs ages five months and up.  The goal of these classes is to teach leadership skills, self-control, build confidence and develop the bond between owner and dog.  The course covers specific cues: sit, stay, come, heel and down as well as leash manners.  We also offer this course in an outdoor setting from spring to fall in a local park in Victoria, BC.

$150.00 for 6 classes.  (Classes run 1 hour lengths)
Upcoming Schedule for Mr. Pet’s Tillicum  
Basic Obedience – Thursday November 22nd, 7 PM
Basic Obedience – Wednesday December 5th 7PM
Basic Obedience – Thursday January 17th 7 PM

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